This... is me

The mandatory "About Me" Page.

I suppose there are a couple people out there who stumble across this page & wonder just who IS this woman who creates "Stuff We Eat (A Lot!)"

It's just me, plain & simple.

I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to entertain.
I enjoy fresh foods & fresh ideas.
I'm not afraid to combine new things, grab whatever is lying around, make something up on the fly.

I also have a short attention span & a penchant for forgetting how I did things.

And I also have a habit of creating new things & just sort of "presenting" them to an unsuspecting audience... usually, my family.

People would ask me for a recipe, I would sit down to write it out for them & realize, either, "Wow, THAT'S not how I made that," or worse yet, "Um, how DID I make that?"

So, I decided it would probably be best if I got organized & actually wrote things down. Then, I figured it might be easiest if I put them out there so people could actually find them.

The blog started with the tried & true favorites; the dishes I had created, & tweeked, & made numerous times. Then, as new things were tried, it became a place to write down what I had done... before I forgot.

Every recipe contained here is my own. Many have roots in the countless cookbooks on my shelves, or are combinations of 3 or 4 recipes that weren't exactly what I wanted, but had elements I could use. Some were flashes of inspiration. Many are the result of embracing a healthy lifestyle; or attempts at recreating a menu item that I had enjoyed.

I would hope that those who land here are similarly inspired to create & enjoy, to try something new, or find a new favorite. Feel free to experiment. And please, by all means, pop on with a comment or two.